Silk Screen Mesh Adhesive Stencils

These popular silk screen mesh adhesive stencils are easy to use and produce beautiful intricate details unlike traditional stencils. There is a silk screen mesh embedded in the film. This mesh holds all your fine details together, which means no more weeding vinyl stencils! These stencils can be washed and used multiple times to also decorate mugs, plates, shirts, aprons, hats, tea towels, signs and many other items!  Limited only by your imagination!

We have blue stencil films that are perfect for glass, mirrors, ceramic, chalkboards and other smooth, flat surfaces. The pressure sensitive adhesive is gentle enough so the stencils won't distort when you are removing them from these types of smooth surfaces. 

We also have a purple textile stencil film that is like the original blue film but stickier and slightly more rigid, which makes it the perfect film for printing on fabric, wood, and other textured or difficult surfaces. The purple textile stencil film is popular and versatile for most surfaces.

We suggest using a thicker paint like a transfer or stencil paste or ink for best results without bleeding.